Where is cook islands located

What country do the Cook Islands belong to?

New Zealand

Where in the world are the Cook Islands?

South Pacific Ocean

How do you get to the Cook Islands?

There are currently four airlines flying to the Cook Islands – Air New Zealand, Jetstar, Virgin Australia and Air Tahiti. There are direct flights to Rarotonga from Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles and Tahiti.

How far are the Cook Islands from Hawaii?

2,856.63 mi

What language is spoken in the Cook Islands?

Rarotongan English

Are the Cook Islands safe?

The Cook Islands’ crime rate is low. Thieves sometimes target tourists, especially at the beach. Watch out for your belongings. Don’t leave valuables in motor scooters or motorcycles.

Are there snakes in Cook Islands?

There are no snakes or spiders on the islands The Cook Islands are home to a variety of marine life, tropical flowers and plants. However, there’s not a snake or poisonous spider in sight.

How long is a flight to Cook Islands?

The total flight duration from California to Cook Islands is 9 hours, 58 minutes.

Are the Cook Islands expensive?

A lot of people think the Pacific is filled with expensive islands and resorts. But that’s not true and visit to the Cook Islands will prove that. Visiting these islands are pretty affordable compared to neighboring countries. Note: The Cook Islands use the New Zealand dollar as their currency.

What food do they eat in the Cook Islands?

Cook Island Food: 8 dishes you have to try when you get here! Ika Mata. Top of our list (and what should be the top of yours) is the traditional delicacy that is Ika Mata. Curried Eke (Octopus) Another great Cook Island dish is Curried Eke which is octopus (delicious in itself) presented the Island way. Banana Poke . Rukau . Rori. Locally Caught Fresh Tuna Sashimi. Tropical Fruit. Umukai.

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Can foreigners buy property in Cook Islands?

Houses in the Cook Islands are not usually for sale to foreigners . Land in the Cook Islands is customarily owned, and cannot be bought freehold. The maximum lease obtainable by a non- Cook Islander is 60 years. All lease agreements over five years require approval from the Leases Approval Committee.

Are there mosquitoes in the Cook Islands?

Mosquitoes can be annoying in the Cook Islands , particularly during the rainy season from around mid-December to mid-April. Outbreaks of the mosquito -borne illness dengue fever occur from time to time so mosquito repellent is essential.

Can you fly from Hawaii to the Cook Islands?

There are no airlines flying direct from Hawaii to Rarotonga . You can fly Hawaiian Airlines from Hawaii to Tahiti, and then Air Rarotonga from Tahiti to Rarotonga .

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