Where are the cook islands on the world map

Where are the Cook Islands located on a world map?

The Cook Islands are in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of New Zealand, between French Polynesia and American Samoa. There are 15 major islands spread over 2,200,000 km2 (850,000 sq mi) of ocean, divided into two distinct groups: the Southern Cook Islands and the Northern Cook Islands of coral atolls.

Where are the Cook Islands located?


What country does the Cook Islands belong to?

New Zealand

What are the 15 Cook Islands?

Explore The 15 Islands of the Cooks Rarotonga. We start off with the one everyone knows, Rarotonga, the most populated of the Cook Islands and home to the capital, Avarua. Aitutaki . Mitiaro. Atiu. Mangaia. Palmerston. Manuae . Takutea.

What language is spoken in the Cook Islands?

Rarotongan English

Are the Cook Islands safe?

The Cook Islands’ crime rate is low. Thieves sometimes target tourists, especially at the beach. Watch out for your belongings. Don’t leave valuables in motor scooters or motorcycles.

Is Cook Islands a third world country?

The Cook Islands is about to become a developed nation. The OECD is to officially declare the Cook Islands a developed nation at the end of next year, ending its status as a developing nation. It is a first among the Pacific island countries and it will pose challenges for the Cooks .

What is Cook Island known for?

The Cook Islands are well- known for being the closest you can get to paradise on Earth, yet you might have to Google exactly where and what they are. Fifteen islands and a total land area of just 240sq km make up the blissful Cook Islands , while the idyllic climate makes us want to go right now, this minute.

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Are Cook Islanders New Zealand citizens?

Cook Islands is located between French Polynesia and American Samoa. It is self-governing in ‘free association’ with New Zealand . That means that while it administers its own affairs, Cook Islanders are New Zealand citizens who are free to live and work here.

What language do they speak in Rarotonga?

Cook Islands Maori

What are people from Cook Island called?

Cook Islanders are residents of the Cook Islands, which is composed of 15 islands and atolls in Polynesia in the Pacific Ocean. Cook Islands Māori are a Polynesian ethnic group who trace their homeland to the Cook Islands, although more Cook Islands Māori currently reside in New Zealand than the Cook Islands.

Are the Cook Islands expensive?

A lot of people think the Pacific is filled with expensive islands and resorts. But that’s not true and visit to the Cook Islands will prove that. Visiting these islands are pretty affordable compared to neighboring countries. Note: The Cook Islands use the New Zealand dollar as their currency.

How long does it take to fly to the Cook Islands?

How long does it take to get there? The Cook Islands ( Rarotonga ) is a 9hr 45 min, non-stop flight from Los Angeles on Air New Zealand.

How many stars are on the Cook Island flag?

15 stars

Are the Cook Islands British?

The Cook Islands became a British protectorate in 1888. By 1900, the islands were annexed as British territory. In 1901, the islands were included within the boundaries of the Colony of New Zealand. The main Cook Islands language is Rarotongan Māori.

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