How to cook warrigal greens

Can you eat Warrigal greens raw?

Larger leaves should typically be blanched or steamed before eating , but smaller young leaves are great eaten raw . It can be substituted in any recipe that uses spinach, chard or Asian greens – the sturdy, fleshy leaves handle heat well, making warrigal greens ideal for stir-fries.

How do you eat Warrigal greens?

As well as sautéing or stir-frying, try warrigal greens with feta in a pie or quiche, or blanch then use as you would regular spinach for an antioxidant-packed green smoothie.

Are Warrigal greens healthy?

It is becoming increasingly popular with chefs as a bush food (although it’s now mostly commercially sourced), and can be found on the menu of many top-end restaurants. Research has shown it is high in fibre, vitamin C and healthy antioxidants, but also in oxalates.

Can you grow Warrigal greens from cuttings?

Warrigal Greens grow well from cuttings and/or planting seeds in pots and planting out. Once you plant them out keep them watered, but don’t feed them anything special. Like most garden plants, they love sun and good soil (but can put up with far-less-than-great soil too).

What do Warrigal greens taste like?

The leaves of Warrigal greens have a mild flavour, similar to spinach , and it can substitute for this vegetable in most recipes. It is becoming increasingly popular with chefs as a bush food (although it’s now mostly commercially sourced), and can be found on the menu of many top-end restaurants.

What does Warrigal greens look like?

They are a sprawling plant around 50cm high, and trailing around 1-2 metres long. Growing along the waterways and in the sand near beaches, they have triangular, fleshy leaves and small pale yellow flowers from September to February.

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How do you propagate Warrigal greens?

Plant your seeds in spring and summer, and in autumn in warmer frost-free areas. Soil temperatures of 18-35 degrees celsius are best. Soak seeds for 1-2 hours before sowing, and then plant in seed tray around two and a half times the diameter of the seed.

How do you freeze Warrigal greens?

Drop the greens in the water and cook for anywhere from 1-3 minutes. Refresh in a colander until cold, running water to retain the green colour. Squeeze water and then use. These also freeze well.

Can chickens eat Warrigal greens?

Chickens generally enjoy green , leafy vegetables. They will also appreciate lettuce, beetroot, turnip and radish tops, warrigal greens (NZ Spinach), spring onion tops, broccoli and cauliflower leaves, kale, cabbage, and of course fresh winter grass weeds!

Is New Zealand spinach edible?

New Zealand Spinach (Tetragonia tetragonioides) or tetragon is a leaf vegetable, grown for its edible leaves and can be used as food or an ornamental plant for ground cover.

Are dianella berries edible?

Dianella longifolia (Pale Flax Lily) Dark blue to purple berries are edible when ripe. Berries sweet and juicy (slightly gritty). Great addition to fruit salad.

What is similar to spinach?

Chard (ruby and rainbow Swiss chard , leaf beet) — Similar in flavor and texture to spinach. Thick and thin stalks as well as leaves are edible.

Can dogs eat Warrigal greens?

Not bad. But you wouldn’t believe how much pleasure one little seedling of warrigal greens (teragonia tetragonioides) has brought to this household of three (plus a dog and cat). There are so many green leaf vegetables that bring happiness – I love ’em all – and have eaten heaps. Warrigal greens !

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How do you blanch spinach NZ?

New Zealand Spinach Recipes Please note that before cooking New Zealand spinach , it is necessary to blanch the leaves in hot water for a minute. Thereafter you must rinse it in cold water, prior to cooking. Doing so removes oxalate content present in the leaves of New Zealand spinach .

How do you grow spinach from seed NZ?

New Zealand spinach germinates slowly, but soaking the seeds in water for 24 hours before planting hastens germination. Seeds should be planted ½ inch deep in fine soil. The soil should be kept moist until the seedlings begin to emerge. Plant in rows 3 feet apart, with seeds 2 inches apart within the row.

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