How to draw kawaii food

How do you draw kawaii Pikachu step by step?

Written-Out Step by Step Drawing Instructions ( Step 1) Draw a letter “C” shape. ( Step 2) Draw a sideways “M” shape. ( Step 3) Draw upside down “?” shape. ( Step 4) Draw ovals. ( Step 5) Draw a backwards letter “J” shape. ( Step 6) Draw 2 slanted lines and a curved line. ( Step 7) Draw “M” shapes. ( Step 8) Draw #3 shapes.

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Where does our food come from australia

Where does our food come from? Concepts: Our food comes from plants. (Even animals that have been killed for meat have eaten plants, or have eaten animals that have eaten plants). Our food comes from lots of different plant parts. These parts were essential to the plants when they were alive. What percentage of Australian […]

What seven practices are recommended to minimise the risk of food spoilage

What three practices are recommended to Minimise the risk of food spoilage? What practices are in place to minimise the risk of food spoilage ? All frozen and fresh foods must be immediately stored in the fridge or freezer. Foods are stored to prevent contamination and are rotated according to date labels or by delivery […]