How to crush biscuits without a food processor

What can I use to crush biscuits?

Points to remember Put the biscuits into a strong, clean plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin. Alternatively, use a food processor to pulse the biscuits to a breadcrumb consistency, pour in the melted butter and combine well. Pour the crumbs into a loose-bottomed tin and smooth around with the back of a spoon.

How do you crush biscuits without a bag?

To easily crush biscuits for no bake slices and biscuit bases; rather than bashing them with a rolling pin (and as usually happens for me – sending crumbs flying everywhere), put them in a pot and use a potato masher applying a rocking and grinding motion.

How do you crush Oreos without a food processor?

If you don’t have a food processor , you could put the Oreos into a bag and smash them with something like a rolling pin, but it’ll be harder to get nice, fine crumbs. Fine crumbs will hold together better. Add the melted butter to the Oreo crumbs and stir them together until well combined.

Can you crush biscuits in a blender?

Here in China I use “Breakfast Biscuits ” which are fantastic. Use your hands to crush the crackers into the blender (nothing fancy here, you just want small enough pieces for the blender to actually work). This will blend up all the crackers into a fine powder.

How do you crush ginger snaps?

Crushing gingersnaps is a cinch with a rolling pin and a resealable plastic bag. Or, process the gingersnaps in your food processor or blender. You will need to crush about 40 gingersnaps to get the 2-1/4 cups crumbs needed to prepare this recipe.

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How do you crush Oreos by hand?

You can put the Oreos between two sheets of wax paper and crush them with a rolling pin or your hand . Just make sure the sheets of paper are big enough that crumbs don’t spill out.

How do you crush crackers?

Need cracker crumbs? Just hold a sleeve of crackers upright and open a hole in the seam at the top to let the air out. Then, gently and evenly push straight down on the crackers in the packaging to crush them. You can control the size of the crumbs by the amount of pressure you use.

How do you crush cookies?

How To Crush Cookies Pour the desired amount of cookies into a freezer bag with a zip-top closure. Place the filled bag on a flat surface and flatten the bag to create a single layer of cookies . Place a dish towel over the bag. Take a rolling pin and roll over the bag of cookies .

Can I crush Oreos in a blender?

My second favorite method to crush Oreos is using a blender . Although I am using a small/single size blender , any sized blender will work. Tip: place Oreos in the freezer 5-10 minutes before blending- not necessary, but will cut down on the amount of Oreo crumbs that stick to the sides and bottom of the blender .

Why is my biscuit base hard?

If the digestive biscuit (graham cracker) crumb base of a cheesecake is very difficult to cut then it is most likely that the base has been compressed too much when it is put in the bottom of the pan. When the base is baked and/or chilled then it sets very hard and can become very difficult to cut through.

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Why are biscuit bases soggy?

Occasionally, the cheesecake filling can penetrate into the biscuit base causing it to go soggy . The egg wash will form a layer between the cheesecake base and filling, and this will help to reduce the amount of moisture penetrating the biscuit base .

What is the easiest way to crush Oreos?

If you don’t have either one, you can place them in a large plastic bag and crush them with a rolling pin. They won’t be quite as fine as crushing them with a blender or food processor, but it will work just fine! Then, you’ll mix the Oreo cookie crumbs with one 8-ounce package of cream cheese.

What’s a food processor do?

What Is a Food Processor ? A food processor is a versatile electric appliance that allows you to prepare all sorts of foods in a variety of ways. From chopping to shredding to mixing dough, a food processor can quickly handle a multitude of tasks that would take you much longer to complete manually.

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